Monday, March 17, 2008

It's been an uneventful eventful week! =) I feel like we've done nothing and yet looking back on this week's pictures I realized that we did have some moments to share. I haven't posted lately mostly because we're such a sharing family that we seem to pass our germies back and forth and back again. Such is winter with kids!
So, here are a few pictures of our week:

Caleb eating spaghetti. He seriously sat there and ate for almost an hour! He loves him some spaghetti and meatballs!!


First together bath

Yes, spaghetti again! Did I mention we were all sick? I was in no mood to worry about a balanced diet and I knew they would eat it! (Clearly I put too much sauce!)

Being silly while folding laundry

Thursday, March 06, 2008

God is good!

A few things have happened lately and I'm feeling somewhat overwhelmed at how good God is!
Today on our way home from MOPS we were in a minor accident. (The only "damage" was to our license plate so that's how minor it was!) I was really shaken. It was the first time something has happened while I've had the boys with me and it made me feel super nervous, but God is good! When I got back into the car I asked Sammy if he was ok and he said yes. Then he asked me "Are you okay, Mommy?" I told him I was and the rest of the way home Sammy kept saying "Mommy, are we ok? Are they ok? Are the cars ok? Are the houses ok? Are the trees ok?" It was funny, but it just shows how incredibly sensitive he is. He is always so concered for other people...and things! He then said to me, "Mommy, Jesus loves us?" and I, of course, said "YES!!! Jesus does love us!!"
The other thing that has made me reflect on God's goodness is a VERY different situation. My mom was supposed to donate a kidney to a good friend of ours. We're 2 weeks away from the surgery date and my mom's surgeon made the difficult decision to not go through with the transplant. My mom has some funky kidneys =) Apparently one of her kidneys (the one to be donated) has 2 working filters instead of one so taking it would essentialy leave her with 1/3 of her current kidney function which is just too risky. Anyway, it's such a difficult thing. She went through months of testing and the surgery date was so close. And, more importantly, our friend now has to wait until another kidney becomes available. So, why do I say that it's a reason for me to see God's goodness? Because I believe that God is good ALL the time. It's hard and it's certainly not what we were hoping or praying for, but ultimately God knows what He's doing. He's not been caught off guard. My mom put it well. She said, "you know, God has known that this would happen before we were ever born. It just took us until now to find it out."
God IS good! He sometimes does things that scream to us how good He is. Other times He does things that, in our minds, are confusing and leave us with nothing else, but to trust Him and learn that He continues to scream of His goodness, we're just too blind to always see it that way.
Our family certainly has seen God's provision and protection in the past and we would be so foolish not to trust that He is working and doing what's best in this situation as well! (If you don't know some of the "big" things that have happened check out this post and see how good He is even in the midst of very hard times!:
(Sorry. once again my brain is foggy and I can't figure out why this link isn't working so you're on your own! If you have trouble look for the post on August 24, 2007)