Thursday, February 26, 2009

True Indeed!

While we were eating lunch today Caleb asked me for Daddy. 
He does this QUITE OFTEN! 

Caleb: "Daddy?"
Me: "He's working, buddy"
Caleb: "Pop-pop?"
Me: "He's working, too"
Sammy: "Mommy, why do the grown-up boys go to work?"
Me: "because when they work they get money and we use that money 
to have a house and cars, food, clothes and toys and everything we have. 
Your daddy works very hard so we can have those things"

He thought for a minute and then said, 
"....and doors, mommy! Daddy works very hard so we can have doors too!"

Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm so excited!!

Meet Jacques le Croc
Is this little guy cute, or what?!?!?!
VBS this summer is going to be so fun!
I'm in charge of the crafts this year and I can't wait!!

If the croc weren't cute enough, here are his friends:


Don't miss VBS this year!!!!


I must say that I have LOVED the National Do Not Call Registry. We have received significantly less calls since registering our number several years ago.

Recently, however, one company continues to call and it's really getting on my nerves! 
I assume that it's the same company although I can't be sure. 
When I ask what company they're calling from they tell me either Card Services or Account Services and the calls are always to consolidate debt or something about our car's warranty.
 Every time I ask them to remove me from their call list because my number is registered on the national list....
I know, hate is a strong word, but seriously, I HATE that!!!

**End venting session**

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hopefully she'll still remember me when she's famous!!

One of my good friends, Meredith has just officially started her photography business. 
It's so exciting!! She takes amazing pictures! 
I'm so happy for her taking this exciting step! Go, Mer!! =)

Don't worry, I wouldn't dream of giving you such awesome news 
without also giving you a way to get in touch with her 
so you can have her take pictures of your beautiful families! ;)

Check out her brand spankin' new website (and book a session!!)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Say what?!

Sammy: Mommy, why do people love their family?"
Me: "Well, because God gave us our families and we're thankful for them" 
(totally not sure how to answer that one!)
S: but I don't love my heart" (what does THAT mean?!?!)
M: "why not, buddy?"
S: "my heart goes doing when i eat"
M: "what?"
S: "it goes doing doing when i eat."
M: "how does it go?"
{proceeds to mouth the words 'doing doing'.}
S: "it goes like that."
Daddy: "where does the doing come from?"
S: "my heart. right there" (points to stomach)
D: "then that's your stomach, not your heart."
S: "but my stomach is in my feet. and the 'doing' sound comes from there." 
(pointing to stomach again)

{End conversation that is going nowhere fast!!} 

Monday, February 16, 2009

Silly Sammy Strikes [Again!]

Sammy says:
"One day we have to get magic beans and then say '
bidly, bidly, bidly boo!' and then a beanstalk will grow. 
And then we have to see where that beanstalk goes."

Me: "Where do you think that beanstalk will go?"

Sammy: "Up to a giant's house in the clouds. 
He's gonna try to get us and we have to 
climb back down the magic beanstalk. 
And then we have to give him something."

Me: "What do we have to give him?"

S: "Like one of my toys or something."

M: Why do we have to give him a toy?"

S: "Because he wants one toy...he might want one toy. 
Maybe he might have toys for us to play. 
Maybe a Mickey-in-the-Box. 
Where we turn the crank....He might have a toy like that for me to play. 
Because that toy is my favorite."

Friday, February 13, 2009

Looks like someone's been watching a little too much of this...

Tonight at dinner Sammy and I had a strange conversation. It went something like this.
Sammy: "Maybe someday I can get a faster toy"
Me: "What faster toy?"
S: "It's a fast toy. When I'm buckled up and I push the green button it flies me up in the air real fast. It flies me out of the house and into the sky and takes me to the park and the lake and restaurants to eat. Then it brings me home and I come inside."
Me: "Where did you see this toy? Did we see it in a store?"
S: "No, Mommy. We have to see if Jesus will give it to me for Christmas. He will give it to me if He wants to."
*Duly noted.*

He also said at one point 
"One day I'm gonna figure out how to get out of this house all by myself"
Yeah, you and me both, dude! 
Good luck with that, because I've been trying to figure 
out how to do that for...let's old are you now?

{No, I didn't actually say that to him! I was laughing too hard!}

A girl can dream

My sister and I went to a fabric store the other day.
In one word.....

We saw so many great things!
I didn't buy anything because well, it's kinda hard to convince 
people to give you things for free since you have no money! 
They aren't real keen on that! ;)

I saw this fabric and fell in love! 
It's suede with embroidered swirly things.
I've been thinking about 
using this color in our bedroom someday. 
Hopefully it'll be on the new 2nd floor, but if that isn't going to happen 
maybe we'll use it in our current room. Who knows!

I'm thinking this would make a really cool headboard.
I'm not normally into upholstered headboards, but I think a classy fabric like this
could be done well and look really great!
Maybe a few pillows on the bed too!

I'm getting way ahead of myself! 
We can't afford to buy anything right now, 
let alone something that's not necessary like this!

Do you LOVE it?!?!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

All about the man I love!

I don't often blog about my husband.
Shame on me!
I think I just take him for granted and I'm working on that.
The truth is that he's the most amazing man I have ever met!
We met at school in Argentina where we lived for 3.5 years (he's originally from Mexico). We got along great right from the beginning. His sense of humor had a lot to do with it!
I honestly married my best friend. (side note: I really hate that phrase for a wedding "today I marry my best friend" it just seems a little weird!)
This man came to another country, learned another culture and another language all because he loves me! I just think that is so awesome!
Trust me. Living in the US isn't easy for someone who didn't grow up here! It's a big adjustment! And English is seriously hard to learn!
He works so hard to provide for our family. He has several jobs and is always doing everything he can just to make ends meet. 
Being on an extremely small budget is stressful to a marriage and family, but he manages to provide for our needs and even a few fun things sometimes! 
He is my rock. He's the kind of guy that is always supportive and understanding.
He's an amazing father who loves to spend time with our boys and they adore him!
I get so excited thinking about the years to come growing old with my love!

I love you, honey!!!!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I've never joined the "Not Me! Monday" party before so these are probably lame, but I'm a rookie!

Here goes:

I did NOT write the month and day on the sliding glass door with a white board marker because I was sick and tired of hearing the almost 4 year old ask what day it was. Of course, I would ONLY do that if it was in an effort to be educational in my parenting and not lazy! =)

I do NOT have a son that's as accident prone as his mother! And there's no way that he fell off a chair at church, a rolling ottoman at home (both times landing on his head!) and he most certainly did not have 2 tables fall on his head at church right before MOPS!

Don't be fooled, I would never have taken my son to church without brushing his hair and then take him into the bathroom and try and wet the stink out of it to get it to lay down (after which it just popped right back up and looked even more snarly!)