Monday, February 09, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I've never joined the "Not Me! Monday" party before so these are probably lame, but I'm a rookie!

Here goes:

I did NOT write the month and day on the sliding glass door with a white board marker because I was sick and tired of hearing the almost 4 year old ask what day it was. Of course, I would ONLY do that if it was in an effort to be educational in my parenting and not lazy! =)

I do NOT have a son that's as accident prone as his mother! And there's no way that he fell off a chair at church, a rolling ottoman at home (both times landing on his head!) and he most certainly did not have 2 tables fall on his head at church right before MOPS!

Don't be fooled, I would never have taken my son to church without brushing his hair and then take him into the bathroom and try and wet the stink out of it to get it to lay down (after which it just popped right back up and looked even more snarly!)


La Familia Garcia said...

Too funny! Your kids are precious!

megan said...

Why the white board marker when you have your calendar? I was chuckling at the accident prone one b/c I do believe i have seen double digit spills by that kid!