Friday, February 13, 2009

A girl can dream

My sister and I went to a fabric store the other day.
In one word.....

We saw so many great things!
I didn't buy anything because well, it's kinda hard to convince 
people to give you things for free since you have no money! 
They aren't real keen on that! ;)

I saw this fabric and fell in love! 
It's suede with embroidered swirly things.
I've been thinking about 
using this color in our bedroom someday. 
Hopefully it'll be on the new 2nd floor, but if that isn't going to happen 
maybe we'll use it in our current room. Who knows!

I'm thinking this would make a really cool headboard.
I'm not normally into upholstered headboards, but I think a classy fabric like this
could be done well and look really great!
Maybe a few pillows on the bed too!

I'm getting way ahead of myself! 
We can't afford to buy anything right now, 
let alone something that's not necessary like this!

Do you LOVE it?!?!

1 comment:

Janet said...

I can't see the pic of the fabric! And I NEEEEEEED to! Because you said its Preeeeeety.