Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Say what?!

Sammy: Mommy, why do people love their family?"
Me: "Well, because God gave us our families and we're thankful for them" 
(totally not sure how to answer that one!)
S: but I don't love my heart" (what does THAT mean?!?!)
M: "why not, buddy?"
S: "my heart goes doing when i eat"
M: "what?"
S: "it goes doing doing when i eat."
M: "how does it go?"
{proceeds to mouth the words 'doing doing'.}
S: "it goes like that."
Daddy: "where does the doing come from?"
S: "my heart. right there" (points to stomach)
D: "then that's your stomach, not your heart."
S: "but my stomach is in my feet. and the 'doing' sound comes from there." 
(pointing to stomach again)

{End conversation that is going nowhere fast!!} 

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Megan and Company said...

Ha! Kid's conversations are great.

I recently had a great conversation with Josh about heaven. I'm not even sure how it started, but I told him that some day when we are old and our bodies don't work anymore we will go to Heaven to live if we love Jesus. He listed about a dozen people.. asked if they loved Jesus and if they'd be there. And then asked me if "Wipeout", his favorite TV show, loves Jesus because he'd like that in Heaven. Huh.