Tuesday, March 20, 2012

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things...About Spring

1. Ceiling Fans
(I don't care what all of the fancy designer people say - I *doubleheart* ceiling fans!)

2. Sockless shoe wearing! For me and the boys!
(Stinky boy sandals? Bring it! I'll take them over washing and folding -- oh! and sticking my hand inside to turn!!!!!! -- stinky little socks any.old.day!)

3. Open windows!!!!
('Nuff said!)

4. Daffordils! Tulips! Forsythia! No more naked trees!
(that's what the boys call them!)

5. Park playdates!!!
(Friends and sun and fun are good for the soul!) :)

6. Throwing open the curtains/blinds in the morning! I adore bright rooms!!!
(I do this everyday all year long, but there's something about spring and knowing how awesomely beautiful it is outside when that sun comes pouring in the windows! LOVE!!)

7. Boys playing outside so I can {actually, possibly, could it be?!} clean and organize and reclaim my house! :)

8. Seven things just doesn't seem like enough compared to how much I love spring so here's #8 for free! You're welcome! ;)