Thursday, May 28, 2009


Thanks to my darling sis I found this blog today.


The choo choo train! Be still my heart!!! Would look awesome in the boys' room.

I also love the Dandelion blowing in the wind! How fun is that?!

And the Fire hydrant makes me giggle!! =)

Oh and she's a SAHM so that means she's cool! =)

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

NOT a John Denver fan, but he's stuck in my head today!!!

"I'm leavin' on a jet plane. 
Don't know when I'll be back again"

Ok, I'll be back Saturday night.

I'm heading out bright and early tomorrow morning.
Mom, Sarah (sister), Josie (niece) and I will be flying to 
Iowa for a Girls Weekend Away! =)

My brother, Scott and his family are there 
for a few months during their furlough from Colombia.
We'll be doing lots of visiting with them and checking out the
Tulip Festival!! Woohoo!!! =)

I'm so excited!! I'm a bit sad that the boys aren't going with me
because they'd LOVE to see their cousins....
and Caleb would also LOVE to see Uncle Scott.
(although he acts like he's afraid of him, when he's
not around U.Scott is all he talks about!!!)

But, honestly I'm looking forward to a Mommy Break!
The only time I've been away from them overnight was 
1 night back in September and of course 
from Sammy when Caleb was born. 
Other than that it's been All Mom, All the Time! =)

**** I secretly think they'll enjoy a Mommy Break too!! shhhh! ****

Anyway, my bags are packed and I'm all ready to go.....
you know, besides the 
3 loads of laundry to fold, 
dinner to make and serve, 
TONS of prep for MOPS since I won't be there tomorrow, 
and nursery duty tonight at church
Other than that I'm all set!! ;)

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

My 10 favorite things about Spring... least the ones I can think of right now (kids playing loudly, nap time approaching, packing list in hand, dreaming of a few days away. These are some of the things we're competing with here today!)

1. Sunny mornings and opening up all the shades
2. No jackets to find/put on/zip up
3. Bare feet in the grass/sand
4. Ceiling fans!! I really don't care what the fancy decorators say. I adore ceiling fans!! I wish I could have them running all year long! On nice days there's always at least one running in the house. Nice!! =)
5. Blooming flowers and trees. Don't they just make you relax and breathe a bit deeper?!
6. Opening up the windows and airing out the winter sniffles/blues/claustrophobia!!!
7. Walking over to the playground before lunch and stopping to see the ducks, geese and turtles in the lake!
8. I even like spring rain! Ok, this several straight days stuff is starting to feel a bit old, but I like rain and I love that it brings more of #5!!! =)
9. Crocs/Sandles! Granted, my kids are Pigpen's stunt doubles and I have to SCRUB their feet when they come inside, but it's so nice to not worry about socks for them!
10. Seeing #'s 1-9 and imagining/dreaming of heaven!! I really think heaven will be an eternal spring. I can't help but think about the day we're in heaven and I long for it!

Make a joyful noise to the LORD, all the earth;
break forth into joyous song and sing praises!
Psalm 98:4

Sammy Says

{While shopping for a Mother's Day gift with his father}

Daddy: "Buddy, do you know what Mother's Day is?"
Sammy: "No"
D: "It's when we celebrate the mommies and say 'thank you' to them". So we're getting a gift for Mommy. Do you know who else we celebrate?"
S: "No"
D: "Grandmom. Because she's your Mommy's mom. And Tuchis (nickname. long story!) because she's my mom."
S: "It's a day for girls"
D: "Not all girls, just girls who are mommies"
S: (very concerned) "but Daddy, who's going to celebrate all the other mommies???"


{Wiggling violently during lunchtime}

Me: "What are you doing, honey"
Sammy: "I'm wiggling because I have bones in my body and I don't know where they are"
M: "Buddy, you have bones in your WHOLE body"
S: "But not in my mouth because I would spit them out!!!"