Thursday, January 13, 2011

Swooning over Baby Items!

I've been working hard lately to rack up the Swagbucks!

We're hoping to get enough by the end of March so we can get this car seat:

We're almost there! We just need another $14.41! 

While I was checking our Amazon wish list again I stumbled on these!

It doesn't get much cuter!
I've been wanting some type of car seat/stroller toys.
We never had any for the first 2 boys.

This is another item I need to get for babe #3:
Not real sure how a travel wipes case goes missing, let alone 3, but I somehow managed to loose all 3 that we had with Caleb!

We don't really *need* any clothes for this kiddo. 
We do already have 2 boys, ya know?!
But who could deny a little boy this outfit?!

Please do yourself a favor and check out the rest of the outfit (especially the onesie and back of the hoodie)!

I couldn't get anything put itty bitty little pictures, but it's a.dor.a.ble!

This one just makes me giggle!

That's all...for now! ;)