Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Life with boys

If something can be will!

If something can get will get dirty, stained, grimey, and unwashable!

If something can get sticky...EVERYTHING will!

If something can be stuck under a your step!

If something can be shoved into a travel mug...hide your underwear!


Don't ask me how I know any of these things!
I love these boys so much!!!!! =)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Maine! It's in my blood!

I posted this just over a year ago. Tomorrow we're going back to MAINE!!!!!
We are beside ourselves excited!!!!!

I can't explain it really. It just came upon me the other day. I am yearning for a trip to Maine! Our family vacationed there every year and since high school I've only been there once and that was 4 years ago.
I can't explain to you what that does to me! I feel it in my bones!
I need a good sniff of that fresh, sweet, salty Maine air.
I need to creep ever so slowly into that frigid water!

I need to walk along the beach collecting beach glass, pretty shells and other treasures.

I need to climb across the huge rocks along the shoreline and explore.

I need to walk out onto the Rockland Breakwater.

I need to lift up some big clods of seaweed during low tide and find some cute little crabs scurry away.

I need to sit on the porch of a cottage and watch sailboats and schooners glide by.

I need to walk along a dirt road and pick wild berries and gobble them up before getting them home.

I need to walk around in Camden (please don't confuse it with Camden, NJ very different!) and stop in all of the fun, cute, quaint little shops.

I need to drive by the Belted Galloways (pretty cows - yes, I said pretty!)

I need to drive across that bridge on my way into Maine and roll down the windows half way across and just breathe deeply and enjoy the air and blast "Portland Town" by Schooner Fare.

And last, but CERTAINLY not least, I NEED a big, juicy, home cooked Maine lobster bought right down on the dock and boiled up at home with some cucumber salad and sweet corn on the cob on the side and a nice bowl of melted butter for dipping (no worries about diets when eating Maine lobster!!)

Can you see how much I want to go back to Maine?! We had great times in Maine as kids and I really miss that!!
To those of you family members who're reading this: #1 I apologize because I know what seeing these pictures has done to you. #2 Now when are we going to plan another family trip???!!!