Monday, August 30, 2010

Ode to a great summer! is it almost September?!?!

What I will miss about summer...
+ Sipping Lemonade on a lazy afternoon
+ Sending the boys outside to eat a popsicle (and so I have 2.5 minutes of quiet!) =)
+  Mostly unscheduled days of doing whatever we want!
+ Day trips to the shore
+ Soaking wet, happy boys playing outside (again for a little quiet. this seems to be a theme!)
+ Riding bikes and taking walks around the lake to explore

What I will not miss about summer...
+ Not washing tons of small socks!
+ Stinky sandles!
+ Humidity!!!!!

As much as I can't believe summer is almost over and I don't want it to leave I am excited about fall and all of the new things that are in store for us!
I also can.not.wait to decorate the house!!!! I luuuuurve fall decorations!!! =)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What I've learned the last few days...

+ A perfect summer day with fun and friends was very much needed and very much enjoyed!
+ When having said fun day remember to apply sunscreen 
to yourself and not just your kids! Ouch!
+ A chocolate milkshake will always be a perfect way to end a perfect day!

And on a slightly different note:
+ I <3 Powerwashing
+ It is the new bungie jumping for thrills! Don't believe me? Try it!
+ Someone must, please, tell my husband that I want a powerwasher for my birthday!
+ When Powerwashing, screw on your thinking cap first and do not wear your new*ish capris or white flip flops. I might possibly be speaking from experience. Maybe.
+ In addition, when powerwashing after a day of no sunscreen, 
do wear a turtleneck and sweatpants. 
The heat will be much easier to endure than will 
the sun glaring down on your already cooked skin.
+ Did I say I <3 Powerwashing?

Monday, August 02, 2010

If I had a couple hundred dollars....

...I would march (or possibly drive) right over the bridge to Ikea and buy this:
Hemnes sofa table
$150! Sure, it's Ikea, but it's a cute sofa table!! =)

And then this from Craigslist:
*painted white with new black or oil rubbed bronze handle I would totally marry this beauty!*

After which I would *RUN* right over to Home Goods 
and spend the rest on baskets, accessories 
and plenty of other things for the house.
(which, no doubt, would include a new apothecary jar!) =)

I could do some serious damage at that know, if I actually had money to! ;)