Friday, August 31, 2007


I have a love/hate relationship with soccer! I love it because it means Tote is seeing men come to the Lord when he coaches/plays with Saints and because it's a good oulet for ministering to teens when he's coaching at BHS, but I hate it because everytime he's involved in it he's away from us for too long! Sammy's at the age now where he notices that Daddy should be home, but isn't and he gets very 'daddy lonely'! I must be very selfish, but it's hard when he's working days, coaching nights and traveling on Saturdays. Throw in church and youth group and we don't see too much of each other!
** End Venting Session! =) **

Friday, August 24, 2007

What a Great Physician we have!

Just last night I was feeding Caleb and Tote was heading down to his office to get some work done. He said "I'll be right back to put him to bed". We always give kisses and put him to bed together or at least make sure he has said goodnight before I put him down. Just the way that he said that threw my mind into what this time might look like had my burns been worse than they were or had Caleb been delivered early as we feared.
For those of you who don't know, I was severely burned in April when I was 9 months pregnant with Caleb. We feared that he would come early before I had a chance to heal and that I would not be able to care for him. It was so hard and humbling to not be able to care for myself during those weeks, but by far the hardest thing that I have ever dealt with in my entire life was to not be able to care for Sammy. I wasn't able to get him up in the morning, put him to bed or naps, get his meals, change his diaper, dress him, hold him or even hug him. It tore me up inside! I can't imagine if Caleb had been born during all of that and I wasn't able to hold my baby or nurse him!
God is so good!!!! We took the last bandage off the day before Caleb arrived! He is healthy and the happiest little sweetheart!! I can nurse him and care for him and just be a mommy to him and to Sammy. I can't express how grateful I am for that blessing! I love being their mommy!!
That moment last night just made me reflect on how things could have been and how thankful we are for God's healing and provision during such a rough time!

Old friend!

I found an old friend tonight and I'm just thrilled! Heather and I were in Argentina together and had such a great friendship! She was living in New Orleans last I saw her (at her wedding) I have lost touch with her over the last few years and couldn't find any way to contact her. I was dying to know how she and her family was and have an update. It was really bothering me that I couldn't find her. Well, tonight on a whim and one of my "internet wanderings" (like I don't have other things around the house that I could be doing!) I decided to google her. I couldn't even remember her married last name, but I found her family's blog!
Excited does not describe it when I saw that link! I clicked on the page and just then Tote came home from soccer practice and I yelled "I think I found Heather!" I hadn't even looked at the page yet, but he hadn't had dinner and it was almost 8:30 so I had to go heat up his dinner. When I came back I spent almost an hour going through their old posts and found that they have three adorable little boys and are expecting baby #4. I have to say that I can't picture Heather as a mom, but am sure she is a GREAT one! She's such a gentle, sweet person!
Reading in her blog they are raising support to go to Mexico (really close to where Oscar - Tote's brother - and his wife live)
This is a long post, but it's so exciting to have found Heather again! I hope to never loose contact with her again!