Friday, August 24, 2007

Old friend!

I found an old friend tonight and I'm just thrilled! Heather and I were in Argentina together and had such a great friendship! She was living in New Orleans last I saw her (at her wedding) I have lost touch with her over the last few years and couldn't find any way to contact her. I was dying to know how she and her family was and have an update. It was really bothering me that I couldn't find her. Well, tonight on a whim and one of my "internet wanderings" (like I don't have other things around the house that I could be doing!) I decided to google her. I couldn't even remember her married last name, but I found her family's blog!
Excited does not describe it when I saw that link! I clicked on the page and just then Tote came home from soccer practice and I yelled "I think I found Heather!" I hadn't even looked at the page yet, but he hadn't had dinner and it was almost 8:30 so I had to go heat up his dinner. When I came back I spent almost an hour going through their old posts and found that they have three adorable little boys and are expecting baby #4. I have to say that I can't picture Heather as a mom, but am sure she is a GREAT one! She's such a gentle, sweet person!
Reading in her blog they are raising support to go to Mexico (really close to where Oscar - Tote's brother - and his wife live)
This is a long post, but it's so exciting to have found Heather again! I hope to never loose contact with her again!

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