Friday, September 02, 2011

What I've been up to. by Matias

After coming home from the hospital I had a lot of things to do!

 I had my first bath.
At first I thought I liked it...
...and then I decided I didn't!
The dry off/message time was alright, but I had bigger plans for the morning.
I thought Mom and I could do a little photo shoot.
Even though Mom isn't very good with the camera, I think I'm pretty stinkin' cute!

I went to the zoo for the first time.
Don't I look thrilled?! ;)

I slept through most of it, but my big brothers had a good time!

I've spent tons of time in my swing.
Mommy says she feels bad and it's because I'm #3 and she's very busy. 
Either way, I love my swing!

And I sleep through most of my swing time too! :)

I've done lots of cuddling with the guys.
 and Caleb

 I hang out with my big brothers.
They're pretty cool! :)

I totally rocked the red white and blue at the 4th of July parade

I kind of outgrew the basinet. :P
Mommy said her *friends will be glad to know that I am now in the 
pack&play for naps and my crib at night. 
*you know who you are!* ;)

I smile A LOT! :)

I get LOTS of kisses!

All in all I think life is good!

Whew! That was exhausting!
I think I'll go kick my feet up.
We'll talk soon!

Monday, August 29, 2011


A lot has happened since Matias joined our family:
We celebrated Caleb's 4th birthday with family and  cupcakes!

We had a combined friends party at a local play place for both boys

Caleb's cake.
Oh so many things I would change about it, but he declared it was awesome! :)

Sammy's 6th birthday Yoshi cake

I tried so many times to catch a picture of Caleb sliding, but the kid seriously FLEW down that slide!

 Proof that Matias was there. He slept through the whole party!

 Sweaty happy boy!
I asked Caleb to come smile for me and this is what he did! :P
They had a blast and it was so nice to not have to do any cleaning or decorating since the baby was only 3 weeks old!

School is IN!!

So many things I missed posting about since Matias was born!
One of these days I'll give a full review.

Our most recent happening is that we started school last Monday!

The night before we had a "special" dinner. 
I intended on making a full-out fun dinner, but got so busy getting school stuff ready and making our special dessert (which is, after all, the most important anyway, right?!) that I ran out of time so we had a "school like lunch" dinner. Clear as mud?! ;)
We had ham and cheese sandwiches! :P
 I made an apple to hang above the table

 A No2 pencil cake for dessert.

After the boys went to bed I made a hungry caterpillar to hang above our table 
(where we also do school) 
since we are doing letters of the week for Caleb and started with the letter "C".
He was so excited when he woke up the next morning and saw it! :)

 I can't believe Samuel is a 1st grader!!!

And Caleb is a Preschooler

 Tracing letters and coloring his C is for Caterpillar page.

 His spelling words are 2nd grade words and he knew them after the 1st day!

 Compound spelling words

 Caleb did a Hungry Caterpillar Graph.

 Doing handwriting. My but he needs help with handwriting! :)

 Science: Studying animals and doing activity sheets

 He had a "Kid's Choice" activity for Science and decided to paint a Basilisk Lizard

Caleb was painting Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc. 
Unsure as to why he is orange and has a yellow stem, but hey! He had fun! :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Don't Worry

I did have the baby!
Ha! I've been a bit busy, but thought I should update the old blog. 
The baby did come!
Matias Josue joined our *growing* little family on April 14th.
Welcome, sweet baby boy!
He is the most amazing little guy I have ever met!
Don't get me wrong. Samuel and Caleb were both GREAT babies and we love them beyond belief and are in no way trying to compare them, but this little one just seems like an extra special blessing!
We prayed for another baby for a whole year and were beginning to think maybe God was saying that it wasn't going to happen and our family was complete. 
But then came this sweet, laid back, happy little guy and we are so very thankful!
So in love!
I'm smiling now just thinking about him! :)
He is so "go with the flow" and that is a huge blessing since he is #3!
The big boys seeing their brother for the 1st time
He sleeps like a champ! We put him to bed around 8pm and he sleeps until 8ish in the morning. During the day he eats every 4ish hours and is only awake for about 1.5hrs before he's ready for a nap! So he takes about 4 naps/day and they are good ones too! :)
He is now in his crib in the boys' room. I was very nervous to put him in there, but they have all done really well! We call Matias the "Rowdy Roomate" (although really the other 2 could have this title most nights!) because he schooches and kicks and suck his fingers loudly starting at about 7am and sometimes wakes up the big boys! :)
They are so good with him!
He is just a perfect little miracle and we are so grateful that God blessed our family with this handsome little boy! 

Mommy & her 3 boys!
Now if you all could just pray for me being the only female in the house that would be great! ;)