Friday, September 02, 2011

What I've been up to. by Matias

After coming home from the hospital I had a lot of things to do!

 I had my first bath.
At first I thought I liked it...
...and then I decided I didn't!
The dry off/message time was alright, but I had bigger plans for the morning.
I thought Mom and I could do a little photo shoot.
Even though Mom isn't very good with the camera, I think I'm pretty stinkin' cute!

I went to the zoo for the first time.
Don't I look thrilled?! ;)

I slept through most of it, but my big brothers had a good time!

I've spent tons of time in my swing.
Mommy says she feels bad and it's because I'm #3 and she's very busy. 
Either way, I love my swing!

And I sleep through most of my swing time too! :)

I've done lots of cuddling with the guys.
 and Caleb

 I hang out with my big brothers.
They're pretty cool! :)

I totally rocked the red white and blue at the 4th of July parade

I kind of outgrew the basinet. :P
Mommy said her *friends will be glad to know that I am now in the 
pack&play for naps and my crib at night. 
*you know who you are!* ;)

I smile A LOT! :)

I get LOTS of kisses!

All in all I think life is good!

Whew! That was exhausting!
I think I'll go kick my feet up.
We'll talk soon!

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Ashley said...

too cute!