Friday, February 13, 2009

Looks like someone's been watching a little too much of this...

Tonight at dinner Sammy and I had a strange conversation. It went something like this.
Sammy: "Maybe someday I can get a faster toy"
Me: "What faster toy?"
S: "It's a fast toy. When I'm buckled up and I push the green button it flies me up in the air real fast. It flies me out of the house and into the sky and takes me to the park and the lake and restaurants to eat. Then it brings me home and I come inside."
Me: "Where did you see this toy? Did we see it in a store?"
S: "No, Mommy. We have to see if Jesus will give it to me for Christmas. He will give it to me if He wants to."
*Duly noted.*

He also said at one point 
"One day I'm gonna figure out how to get out of this house all by myself"
Yeah, you and me both, dude! 
Good luck with that, because I've been trying to figure 
out how to do that for...let's old are you now?

{No, I didn't actually say that to him! I was laughing too hard!}

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