Monday, February 16, 2009

Silly Sammy Strikes [Again!]

Sammy says:
"One day we have to get magic beans and then say '
bidly, bidly, bidly boo!' and then a beanstalk will grow. 
And then we have to see where that beanstalk goes."

Me: "Where do you think that beanstalk will go?"

Sammy: "Up to a giant's house in the clouds. 
He's gonna try to get us and we have to 
climb back down the magic beanstalk. 
And then we have to give him something."

Me: "What do we have to give him?"

S: "Like one of my toys or something."

M: Why do we have to give him a toy?"

S: "Because he wants one toy...he might want one toy. 
Maybe he might have toys for us to play. 
Maybe a Mickey-in-the-Box. 
Where we turn the crank....He might have a toy like that for me to play. 
Because that toy is my favorite."

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