Wednesday, February 11, 2009

All about the man I love!

I don't often blog about my husband.
Shame on me!
I think I just take him for granted and I'm working on that.
The truth is that he's the most amazing man I have ever met!
We met at school in Argentina where we lived for 3.5 years (he's originally from Mexico). We got along great right from the beginning. His sense of humor had a lot to do with it!
I honestly married my best friend. (side note: I really hate that phrase for a wedding "today I marry my best friend" it just seems a little weird!)
This man came to another country, learned another culture and another language all because he loves me! I just think that is so awesome!
Trust me. Living in the US isn't easy for someone who didn't grow up here! It's a big adjustment! And English is seriously hard to learn!
He works so hard to provide for our family. He has several jobs and is always doing everything he can just to make ends meet. 
Being on an extremely small budget is stressful to a marriage and family, but he manages to provide for our needs and even a few fun things sometimes! 
He is my rock. He's the kind of guy that is always supportive and understanding.
He's an amazing father who loves to spend time with our boys and they adore him!
I get so excited thinking about the years to come growing old with my love!

I love you, honey!!!!


MyLinda said...

Wonderful tribute to a well deserving hubby!

We are THAT Family said...

How sweet! I'm so glad you have such a great hubby! Thanks for sharing him with us!

Heather said...

What a sweet husband you must have to do all of that for you!

Jen r. said...

Happy Valentine's day! I am not sure about the fabric...let me ask my friend who gave it to me and I'll get back to you! :)

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I am a bit late in visiting via the SWAK carnival, but what a great post!