Friday, October 12, 2007


We are so excited to be going to Disney!! We leave at 4am tomorrow! I'm very nervous about the sleeping in the car thing, but we'll live! We will be driving to Savannah and plan to arrive there around dinner time. We'll spend the night and then go to Paula Dean's restaurant for lunch on Sunday!!!!! Yay!! I am so excited about that! Then we'll drive to Orlando and plan to get there around dinner time Sunday. All of this, of course, depends on the boys and how many stops we have to make. We're hoping to plan our stops around Caleb's schedule as much as possible so I can feed him, Sammy can run around a bit, we can gas up and use the bathroom. Pray that this works so we can make it as quick a trip as possible for all of our sanity! We're so extremely excited to go! We always said we'd go before we had kids, but obviously that didn't happen. This will be the first for all 4 of us! Sammy doesn't quite understand how soon we're going. We keep telling him it's getting close, but I don't think he can grasp time yet! Just about every time we get into the car to go somewhere these last few weeks he asks if we're going to see Mickey Mouse! So cute! I'm hoping he doesn't figure it out when we wake him at 4am tomorrow so that he'll fall back to sleep in the car right away, but he's a smart kid!
Anyway, all of this to say that we're super excited and hope you all pray for safety and that we'll miss everyone and expect a few babies to be born while we're gone!! =)
Did I mention we're going to Paula Dean's restuarant?!!! ;)
By the way, this is the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse from the Disney channel show that Sammy loves to watch. He has this toy at home and thinks that this is where we'll be sleeping when we're there!!

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