Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Resigned to Reality...

was put myself in charge of making homemade ice cream for our Thanksgiving festivities tomorrow.

I have never made homemade ice cream before and I am now a forever fan!
I made vanilla ice cream {recipe available upon request =) } and it is!
**side note** Vanilla bean's are ridiculously expensive!!!! I chose extract! =)
It was easier 'an butterin' toast!
I can't wait to try it with apple pie!

I also *please, hold your applause* made cinnamon ice cream!
It is insanely yummy and should be against the law!
I can't even believe how good it smells and looks! It's the prettiest ice cream I've ever seen! 

I 'll take a picture of it tomorrow when I put it in a pretty bowl. For now it's just in a mixing bowl in the freezer.
I can't wait to try it with apple pie!

Why yes, that may mean 2 slices of apple pie and I'm ok with that.
After all we're  supposed to gain weight from Thanksgiving till New Years so I'm just doing my part!

With the leftover heavy cream (we all know why they call it that!) I think I'll make coffee ice cream! 

Dear Dr. Davis and Dr. Davis. 
I would like to schedule a consult for January 2nd, please. 
You see my mid section will need {ahem - more} considerable work done by then. 
I'm just planning ahead! =) 
Sincerely, Resigned to Reality

{bariatric surgeons at the Davis Clinic}

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