Saturday, May 01, 2010

Someone please....

....stop the clocks!!!!

I cannot believe Caleb is 3 today!
You know how people always tell you when you have a baby how fast time will go and you say "yeah, i'm sure it will" or something similar and don't really believe it?
Time seriously goes really fast!

I'm just sayin'.
I have no idea how he's 3 already!

I remember being preggo with him like it was last week.
I tear up when I think about waking up (or getting up since there wasn't much sleeping going on!) on May 1, 2007 and taking a picture in our living room of our little family of three which would be 4 in just a few short hours. (hello, extremely preggo, exhausted, thrilled picture!)

Caleb, you are such an amazing little boy!
We love you so so much!
You make us laugh constantly!
Our favorite is your silly face that you make anytime you want to see us smile! =)
You are very active.
You want to be outside 24/7.
Yet you still cuddle too which Mommy LOVES!!!
We just love the little boy that you are becoming and we can't wait to see what the Lord has for your life!
We couldn't be more thankful that He chose to put you in our family!
We love you, sweet boy! =)

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