Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya Tomorrow!

So tomorrow is our big day!
We'll be dropping the big boys off at my parent's house tonight and heading to the hospital bright and early tomorrow to meet baby boy #3!!! =)

I am so very excited to meet this little man that I already love so much!!
And at the same time I am completely exhausted already from not sleeping well! =P

It seems so weird that in just a few hours we will be a family of 5! =)
...and the kids will have us out-numbered! Oh my! =)

We are so very thankful for this new little gift from God and are feeling so blessed!
Can't wait to share the news (and pictures!) =)

I also feel it note-worthy to mention that (after having Gestational Diabetes with this little guy and not being able to eat fun stuff --and loosing weight!!) I am so excited to have something yummy to eat!!

The hospital I deliver at has the BEST post-partum meals EVER!!!
Cannot wait for a big burger, fries and a chocolate cake!! Yum!!
I've been craving a sesame bagel with cream cheese and a Wawa frozen cappuccino for weeks now and plan on enjoying one ASAP! =)

Also on that note, any and all visitors are welcome!
(and especially if they bring food!) ;)


Megan and Company said...

Praying tomorrow is smooth and as comfortable as possible. And that you get that stinking cheese burger before I did!!

BluBabesCreate said...

I've often said that I think hospitals offer the best kind of vacation there is.