Monday, November 24, 2008

Napkin Rings Tutorial

Because I'm feeling like a dork and am telling myself I have nothing better to do I thought I'd share the napkin rings I made for our Thanksgiving dinner. If you will be at our Thanksgiving dinner please kindly pretend you never saw these little cuties and upon seeing them on the table on Thursday act shocked and amazed at them and most importantly forgive this horrid run-on sentence!

Here we go: You'll need some good old Elmer's (or craft glue), double sided tape and scissors (please try to find ones that are sharper than mine. I think gnawing the ribbon with my teeth would have gone faster!)

You'll also want some type of silk flowers. (These are some of the leftovers from my extravagant spending trip to Michaels. They cost me a whole 19 cents!!! And I didn't even use all of them! Lunacy!!)
There's the glue. It helps if you don't have a defective one so you won't have to use a q-tip like I did, but it actually worked pretty well.
Then jump on your 'puter and print up some cute little "give thanks" and mount them onto some card stock.
Next you'll need some rings. I used corrugated card stock for scrapbooking. I got it for 25 cents per sheet a few months ago and could have easily made 10 or 12 out of one sheet! Cut them to the size you want and lather them up with Elmer's.
I used clips to hold them still until they dried.
Go ahead and use the baby's nail clippers to remove any excess "leaves" from the flowers. I won't tell!
Next you'll notice I didn't take a picture of the ribbon before starting. Once again, I'm dork so I think it's excused. 
Cut your ribbon with enough to wrap around the ring and some to overlap. Then tape it down with double sided tape. You could use glue, but I used tape so it'll be easier to reuse these by changing out the ribbon. For these I used a yummy chocolate brown ribbon that I got for free on something we bought a few weeks ago.
Before you stick the end down tuck a flower in the front side.
Add a nice dab of glue to the ribbon on top of the flower.
Then put one of your nifty 'give thanks' cards on and clip it in place. It'll need to be clipped or you'll have to hold it while it dries since it's not a flat surface. (Don't I almost sound like I know what I'm talking about?!)
Here they all are drying. I'm a confirmed dork because I didn't take a picture of the final product, but you can see it pretty well in the last picture.

Like 'em???

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