Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The little things that are making me happy today

{Whoever "they" are, they were right when they said 'simple things for simple minds'!!}

1. The boys slept in until 8:35 today! Yipeee!

2. I am down 3 lbs in 2 days 
(granted the first weigh was in the afternoon and 
this one in the morning, but just let me celebrate, ok?! I'm stoked!!)

3. I had chicken and black beans cooking before 9am! 
I'm having such a hard time thinking of good things to eat, 
but I figure these have tons of protein and fiber and not 
many calories so if nothing else they'll be great for breakfasts.

4. God has been providing for us in the most amazing ways! 
(yes, I know, this isn't a little thing by any means!!) 
He's provided for us over the past few weeks through 
friends & family, 
extra painting jobs (and MUCH higher paying ones!!) 
and even people who don't know us! 
And all of this in a time when we need it most!! 
We're seriously overwhelmed at God's amazing love and care for us!!!!


Janet said...

Yay on your three pounds! I'll dig up some good recipes for you. Like crockpot lasagna, sweet and sour chicken...I have a bunch I can track down for you.

Also, check out Hungry Girl. She has a website and does daily emails and a cookbook.

megan said...

3 pounds....."i hate her". i am impressed though. Way to go!!!