Tuesday, January 20, 2009

True Confessions

"Hi, my name is Debby and I pick trash."

I'm not a super obsessed trash picker. 
I just find things, every now and then, that I can't pass up.

...enter my newest find. And boy was she a F.I.N.D!!!

Here she is as I found her: (minus a small amount of snow on top!)

It was a little vanity in it's previous life. 
It had a mirror attached, but was needing some help anyway.
I just love the style and the cute little drawer with the silver knob!
I cleaned it up and removed the mirror. 
And here she is in her current state:

(please excuse the outdated calendar on the wall. thank you.)
She'll sit here in the living room for now, but I think eventually she'll be in our spare bedroom...you know, once we HAVE a spare bedroom! =)

In case you don't know, we're currently in a holding pattern for putting a 2nd floor on our house.
It's a classroom that the Lord has us in right now to teach us LOTS of good, tough stuff! =)

Anyway, Lord willing, some day we will have the 2nd floor and we will have a spare bedroom.
And this little beauty will be a desk for guests and a place for my laptop (you know, so it'll be out of sight and I won't spend waste so much time on it! ;)

I can't decide if I want to paint her white or black so I think I'll leave her as she is until I know exactly where she'll be and what she should look like.

I'm really excited about this table! 
Can ya tell?! =)

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