Thursday, March 09, 2006

We're on the mend!

Sammy is so much happier today...and hence so is Mommy!!
He seems to be feeling much better and he's almost himself. He's still coughing hard, but little by little.
It's such a beautiful day! We have the front door open and the heat turned off!!!! We love that! Don't worry, there'll be no escaping - there's a baby gate in the doorway. We really need to get a screen door! I'm finding myself dreaming of all of the projects I'd love to be able to do on the house this spring! I think we'll go over to the park and swing after naptime. I hope Daddy can come home a little early. That would be fun to do as a family!!
Well, nothing real exciting going on here today, just enjoying the spring weather and a not so sick little boy!

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