Monday, December 15, 2008

Hooray for Cheap Family Traditions!

This is the second year of our Christmas Trip to Philly Family Tradition (kind of a mouthful!) =)
It doesn't get better than a fun CHEAP family day that kids and parents enjoy!
We spent a whopping $9.90 for the day! 50 cents for a pretzel and the r
est for the speedline tickets.
The boys loved it even though it was colder than an Eskimo's nose.

First we went to Macy's and walked through Dicken's 
Village. Sammy says that was his favorite part (even though he doesn't even know the story!)

I got this picture of Scrooge right in the beginning. Nothing else turned out because I'm photographically challenged and was told no flashes were allowed. After 3 or 4 terrible pictures another girl (you know those annoying ones dressed in their frilly dresses trying to fake an 
English accent) told me no cameras at all! Stinkers!

Then we stayed on the 3rd floor and watched the light show. I think I liked watching it better from there since I swear my neck was stiff for a week last year after looking up at it from the 
Watching the show through the railing:

These are all of the silly people who will be doing their part this week to put their chiropractor's kids through college!

This cool organ is on the 2nd floor. 

Then we went to see the train exhibit at Reading Terminal Market. Sammy loved it! He walked around pushing all the buttons to make little displays move.

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