Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sammy Says Part 2 and grievances

Sammy: "Mommy, when I grow up to be a girl I want to drink that tea"
Me: "Buddy, you will always be a boy. Boys are boys and girls are girls. You'll never be a girl" (intentionally shield him from the fact that some people in this world don't accept this concept!)
S: "oh. But one day the magic star is going to turn me into a girl. When I go out at night it will turn me into a girl and I can drink your tea"
What?! Oh where have I failed?! My poor child will surely be in therapy someday and I don't even know what started it all!

I'd also like to report that "Mooshoo kiss" has now become "Pooshoo kiss". (Hershey Kiss) The child speaks clear as day, but can't seem to get 'Hershey' out!

And now for my grievances. If you're having a great day, please don't continue reading, because I wouldn't want to spoil it with my complaining! =)

#1 I am sick of blogger!!! It makes me insane! Every time I load pictures it's a pain in the neck! There has to be a simpler way!
#2 I am sick of blogger!!! It makes me insane! (oh, did I already say that? Sorry! But it's really bad!) My previous post was supposed to have a few words with lines through them. You know for drama and interest and all. Then stinkin' blogger decided my entire BLOG needed every word with strike throughs (I know that's not even a word) I don't just mean that post or even all of my posts. No, I mean every word of every post, every word of my title and even every word in my sidebar! GRRRRRRR!!

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Shelly said...

ooo--that weird line thing happened to me once too--and then the next time it didn't. i dont know what it means--just that, blogger is possessed!

the magic star? that is hilarious!