Friday, April 10, 2009

It's Friday but Sunday is Coming!!!

I'm overwhelmed with how GREAT our God is!! 
I have so much more than I deserve!

Today we celebrate the day Christ died for us.
That sounds strange, yet it's awesome and a reason to celebrate because we know what happened on Sunday!!!

So often in our lives (especially when sharing the gospel with others) we forget to talk about and FOCUS on what happened on Sunday.

He's alive!

What an awesome time it will be in heaven when we're reunited with Him!
I seriously can't wait!!
Come quickly, Lord!!!!!!!

I need to end this post because I'm getting all teary!
God has been doing some awesome, hard, painful things in my heart and life lately and I'm so thankful and hopeful that He's bringing me through this and growing me closer to being the woman that he desires me to be!


Sarah said...

I just put that as my FB status and then saw your post! I was thinking about how excited you were in your last post that daddy was coming home. Well OUR DADDY is coming soon too! Sunday is coming!!

Renee said...

You brought tears to my eyes. Len's going around telling everyone Jesus died today, but he was risurrected (risen and resurrected together) on Easter. God is good!!