Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We're beyond excited!!!!

Tote has been gone since last Tuesday on a missions trip to Mexico.
It.has.been a.long.week!!!!!

Plus, this trip was following a week long trip to Florida.
So, I think I'm ready for a day off!! =)

Anyway, he was scheduled to arrive at 11pm but was able to catch an earlier flight!!!!!
I just checked and his early flight is scheduled to arrive early!
How awesome is that?!?!

With his original flight I was, obviously, going to put the boys to bed before he got home so they'd have to wait to see him till morning.
But, now he's supposed to land at 8 (the boys bedtime) so I'm going to keep them up so they can see him tonight.

I realize that this could be disastrous since we're all tired and a bit cranky from a long week, but if he comes in the door and they hear him that would be worse!

We're so excited!!!

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