Monday, March 23, 2009

This is my new door decor for spring. Please, try not to be jealous of the mini blinds!!

I got the tin hanger for 95 cents at a thrift store!! The ribbon was $1 for the entire roll and the flowers were 50% off ($1 each). Making a grand total of $3.95 with ribbon to spare!!
So, do we like it better with or without the willow(?) shoots??
And should I use the extra ribbon to make a hanger for it?

 (Now if the weather would cooperate it'd actually feel like spring!!) =)


Sarah said...

I like it. I don't think I'd make a hanger with the ribbon. Too much. Can you spread out the willow things a little more? And what about taking some steel wool or sand paper to the metal thing and making the embossed parts pop?

La Familia Garcia said...

With the willow shoots!
Happy Spring! We need to do some Spring decorating and cleaning...uggghh!