Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Awwwww! My little twin sister (ok, she actually came out first, but she wouldn't have had I not been suffocating her!) is having a baby soon! She finally made it to the end! She'll go into the hospital tonight to be induced so by tomorrow there should be a new little baby in the family! Hooray!
For months now Sammy has been asking me what Aunt Sarah's baby's name is and I've told him that I don't know yet (Sarah and Mike decided to not find out the sex of the baby...yay! we love surprises!). I tell him that when God says it's time for the baby to come we'll know if it's a girl or a boy and it's name. He always says to me, with such confidence, that it's a girl! We'll soon know! Today I told him that Aunt Sarah and Uncle Mike will be having the baby real soon and I told him that this baby will be his cousin. Mind you he already has three cousins (my brother's kids) but I don't think he understands the word cousin yet. Anyway, later when we were eating our lunch he asked "Mommy, I'm still a boy?" To which I obviously replied "Um...yeah! You're STILL a boy!" What in the world kind of question was that??!! Then he said "but soon I'll be a cousin". Ok, now it makes a little more sense! "Yes, soon you'll be a cousin!" He's so funny! He's the kind of kid you need to have a video camera on constantly because he's always saying and doing the funniest things!
Anyway, congratulations Mike and Sarah. We can't wait to meet the new little cousin! We're praying for you!!

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