Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Conversations with Sammy

The other day while we were all eating dinner Sammy started asking some deep questions about Jesus. He asked what we do to make Jesus happy and so we talked about how sharing, being kind, telling people about Him, taking care of each other, etc are all things that make Jesus very happy. He asked if Jesus was coming to our house and if He would eat with us at our table (Dining Room). We said we were pretty sure He wouldn't be eating with us. =) We tried explaining that we can't see Jesus, but that He's always with us and loves us and takes care of us. It's a little hard for his 3 year old mind to understand, but it's really cool that he's asking all of these questions and hopefully will be concerned with making Jesus happy so disciplining will go better! ;) I really wish I had written the whole conversation
Today we had a conversation that went something like this:
"Mommy, we're not going to work?"
"No. We're not going to work"
"Just people go to work?" {Wait a minute! What's that supposed to mean?! We're people!!!}
(Sammy again) "I work, Mommy!"
"You do? Where do you work?"
"Downstairs, Mommy! I work with my tools downstairs!" (he has a toolbench and tools in the basement! funny kid!)

I also want to brag a little about how well he's doing with potty training! We started on Monday. He had 3 minor accidents (one was after going on the potty just one time and another he ALMOST made it to the bathroom!) Yesterday he didn't have any accidents at all! He has woken up dry from naps both Monday and Tuesday and both Monday and Tuesday night he stayed dry all night!! Today he did have an accident. He did #2 in his undies...needless to say it wasn't very pretty! =/ Overall I'm THRILLED at how well he's doing and wondering why I didn't start sooner (ok, truth be told I was scared to death!!!)
Seriously, the kid makes me nuts, but he's a blast!!!

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