Friday, May 02, 2008

I think I passed on the Accident Prone Gene!

Growing up I was always hurting myself (wait, now that I think about it, as an adult I haven't done much better)! I've split my head open two times, torn muscles in my thigh and pulled muscles away from my ribs (super painful!) I've destroyed the tissue around the knuckles on my hand, broken my toe from dropping a very large jar of peanut butter on it, broken a finger from closing it in a sliding door of a minivan, popped my shoulder out of it's socket, had a number of sprained ankles, wrists, etc., got 2nd degree burns from my eyebrows clear down to my belly button while 9 months pregnant (whatever you do, don't try this one at home!!!)
So, I was vacuuming on Wednesday and Sammy was running around and climbing on and off the furniture having a blast like he usually does when I vacuum. He loves when it's time to get out the vacuum. He insists on dragging it out for me and turning it on and off. Well, I don't think he'll be so enamored with the vacuum after the experience he had with it! I kept telling him to stay out of the way (because it was taking twice as long - not because the thought had even remotely crossed my mind that he could get injured!!) I didn't realize that he had come up behind me and was trying to get to the couch, but he ran into the handle of the vacuum as I pulled it backward. He got wacked right in the face! It hit him so hard I was waiting for the black eye and blood to pour out of his nose. I felt horrible! I injured my child!! It turned out that it only left a red mark down his face from his eyebrow down along his nose to just above his nostril and it wasn't even real dark or noticeable.
Then tonight we went to my parents to pick up my dad's lawn edger (I am so excited to edge our lawn!!! but that's for another post!) My parents have a disappearing screen on their front door (kinda cool idea, but a little strange if you ask me!) Anyway, to get it to go up you tap it with your foot (the lazy way, I'll admit, but it's how we've always done it) and it zips up the door and rolls away out of sight. So, I tapped it and up it flew, but not before the handle wacked Sammy on the forehead! Again?!?! This can't be happening! Now he has a one inch raised red lump on his forehead. I'm such a bad mommy! My only consolation is that the poor child needs a haircut so bad that it covers most of his forehead so I don't think many people will see this lump!
*Aimee, if you're reading this I hope it makes you feel a little better that you're at least not the only mom who's kids will need therapy some day for the injuries their mothers have caused them!! =) *

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