Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tag! You're it!

I've been tagged. Your turn!

What was I doing ten years ago:
I was in the second month of classes in my first year of Bible School at the Word of Life Bible Institute in Argentina and I had just met my husband!

Five things on my "to do" list:
Plant veggies
Straighten the house from kid clutter!
Cut and color my hair
Enjoy my iced coffee that my wonderful hubby brought me!

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
Finally put a 2nd floor on our house with all new furniture (no more hand-me-downs!!!!!!!!)
Save for college for the kiddos
Go on a cruise or something with my husband because he's amazing and deserves it!!
Go to Italy
Give to our church and missions

Three of my bad habits:
Lack of Exercise
Not being consistent 100% of the time in discipline

Five places I have lived:
Audubon, NJ
Merchantville, NJ
Runnemede, NJ
Mt Ephraim, NJ
San Miguel del Monte, Argentina

Five jobs I have held:
JC Penney (Men's Dpt)
American Express Financial Advisors
Perry Videx (bilingual secty/translator)
Stay at Home Mom (the best in the world!!!!!)
(I realize there are only 4 here, but I haven't had any others)

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