Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fireman Sam*my*

(never actually watched this show, but it sure looks cute!)

Sammy absolutely LOVED the fire truck that came to preschool the other day! So much so that he climbed so high on the ladder that his teacher could no longer reach him and a taller woman had to help him down. And, while in the driver's seat he managed to step on the brake causing the (hydraulic?) brake to make that "pooff" noise and the 2 firemen came running just to make sure it wasn't going to lurch forward taking several 3 year olds with it! 

He seriously isn't like that normally! This is the kid who didn't realize he could say "no" to us until he was 2 and has never gotten into things like his brother has at 18 months!
(check out the Caleb label and see his little brother's antics!)

Anyway, the fire truck was a hit. Here are some of my favorite pictures. 
I'll spare you most of them since I took 90! 
I'm sick! 
Please send for help!

Climbing up the ladder

I think after this he wants to be a Fireman. Please don't tell his father who plans on him having a high paying job (preferably in MLB) so that he can buy us a there's a man who has his priorities straight!!

Look at that brave guy ready to put out any fire! And so handsome!

"Ummm, sweetie, I don't think that's a very good idea!"
Anyone remember that silly little song "first you take a rubber hose. Then you stick it up your nose. Turn it on, then you're gone! Wo-o-o-oh!" It's stuck in my head!

Here's his whole class. I had so many group pictures because more and more kept jumping in, but wouldn't you know the only one with all of them still doesn't have all of them because they're either not facing the camera or hiding behind someone else! Toddlers! =)

After the kids got a little ways away they sounded the horn and siren.

Let's not forget the ever adorable Fireman Caleb!

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