Friday, October 10, 2008

SAHM Syndrome

One of my favorite bloggers posted this today and I totally relate so I thought I'd share it with you.
She talks about feeling like she was once a somebody when she worked outside the home and learning to see being a stay-at-home mom the same way. (my paraphrase - I hope I didn't change her thoughts on that!)
I couldn't agree more! I sometimes feel like a nobody being a SAHM. Although I don't like to work so I love being at home! My struggle is with the survival attitude (SAHM Syndrome), going about my day just trying to make it though and not really taking advantage of the time that I have with my boys. In my head I know that there's no better place to be than at home raising them, but in my heart I feel like a snot, spit, cheerio covered toddler keeper who doesn't have a real purpose. 
That couldn't be further from the truth and I'm learning to set goals. I've been forcing myself to focus on where I'd like our family to be in the future, what type 
of family I'd like us to be and that helps me in the little daily things to keep my perspective as to why I do what I do. When I remind myself that I want my boys to being loving I'm able to deal with them more lovingly rather than get frustrated and annoyed at their whining or fighting (not that my boys ever do those things!! It's just an example!)
I've been thinking about writing out my goals and putting them up somewhere so I can see them constantly and not forget that how I live and treat my boys now will, to a great degree, determine what type of fathers, brothers, sons and husbands they will be someday. (total run-on! sorry!)
(this picture is from July, but I don't think I've posted it yet and I just love how Sammy is holding onto Caleb and kissing him!)


Shelly said...

amen sister! i too struggle with the "ijustneedtogetthroughthisday" syndrome instead of focusing on equipping my girls with spiritual guidance! ahhhhhh!

Renee said...

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