Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mommy, Wow! I'm a Big Kid Now!!

Ok, lame title. So what!
Sammy started preschool last week. Where has time gone? Seriously?! I can't even believe he's going to school (albeit just over 1 hour, just 3 days a week).  
He absolutely loves preschool. I bought a big blank calendar at the most awesome store (Lakeshore Learning something or other) last week and we put little school buses on it to show him which days he goes to preschool (I'd show a picture, but it's still a work in progress since I want to laminate everything and make some other things to put on it). I'm hoping it will help him straighten out the days of week in his mind since he randomly chooses what day it is (don't think it works that way!)
I would love to put up a picture of him as a sweet innocent little baby to show you the then and now kind of thing, but long story short I can't get to them because of a piece of junk laptop that is keeping all of my pictures from me. 
There's my big boy!
The sun was in his eyes. Poor kid.  
He finally looked away to keep the sun from hurting his eyes (or as he says "Mommy, the sun keeps looking at my eyes!")

Tomorrow a fire truck is going to preschool for them to climb on and explore. He's so excited!! He said they're all getting fire hats and rides on the fire truck. I didn't hear that and seriously doubt they're getting rides. What can I say? He's a dreamer like his Mama! ;)
Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to get some pictures of that.

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