Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Can you guess what all of these things have in common?

I assure you they do have something in common. Give me your guess and the winner will get a prize! =)
In case you can't quite see them here's what you've got:
Infant's sock
Nail polish remover
Children's Tylenol
Hand lotion
Foam tiger visor

**The 3 yr old's legs in the background are not included!**
Happy guessing! I'm off to decide on a fabulous prize....

Please kindly take a seat and then scroll down since I've posted an unprecedented 3 posts today! And you can thank the very large cup of iced coffee I just drank after being off caffeine for 2 weeks for that! Good night and may God grant me a few undeserved hours of sleep after that little bit of foolishness on my part!


Sarah said...

Things that a certain 1-year old cutie put in the trashcan?

Ree said...

They were ALL in your handbag???