Monday, February 18, 2008

A boy after my own heart!

So seriously, this kid's diet generally consists of 90% fruit and veggies, 8% meat and 2% junk food so I don't feel bad when every now and then he splurges!! (in case you can't see in the picture he's eating ice cream...and no, I won't let him eat the whole thing!!!)

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Heather said...

I agree let him splurge!! My kids eat pretty healthy too. Now living here at my moms house for the last couple of months... 'Mimi' has let then eat all kids of things. Example of what she might say, "If you can't eat brownies for breakfast at mimi's house then where can you eat them?" But I know that a couple of 'splurges' is not going to kill them!

By the way your boys are very cute!