Saturday, February 02, 2008

They say life is full of choices...the life of a mother is no exception!

Let me share some of the choices I make on a (nearly) daily basis.
The first one starts from the moment I wake up to "I want Mommy!" A choice lies before me. Do I roll out of bed and go get my boys up and thus begin a day of many other (harder) choices or do I roll over and pretend to not have heard and let them wait another 10...or 45 minutes (just kidding - I never wait that long... and truth be told it's not so bad since my 2 lazy bones wake at 8am!)
Another choice is wether to change my name when I hear "Mommy???" for the ten thousandth time in one day (mind you 90% of the time nothing follows, it's just a nasty habit that my dear son has picked up calling for mommy for no apparent reason!) or to politely and gently respond to him to show him the love that I want him to show to others.
When I hear insane things coming out of my own mouth I stand at a crossroad. A choice, once again, lies before me. It goes something like this: "Don't sit on your brother!" or "Bellybuttons
are NOT for storing Cheerios!" or "Take that french fry out! We don't put food in our noses!" or "Don't you ever put a puzzle piece in the subwoofer again!" **Yikes! Never thought things like that would ever have to be spoken!** This is perhaps the biggest choice that a Mom (probably just a mom of boys, but I can't confirm this because I only HAVE boys) has. To scream and run and hide because "I'm turning into a scary parent" or to realize that one day when my kids are grown I'll look back on these days (that is as long as they live to be grown and not institutionalized because of their crazy mother!) and wish to have them back in my arms for some cuddles and kisses and hear them say "I love you OH SO MUCH, Mommy!"

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