Monday, February 11, 2008

Who knows?! Maybe he'll be a chef!!

A friend of mine's blog is called "Musings from the Minivan" I love that! We do seem to get some GREAT conversations in our minivan!! I was thinking during this one that I'd love to install a dashcam or at least a tape recorder!

[Let me give a little background for this one:
Sammy has claimed our front porch. He calls it his porch! (Daddy always asks him how much he's paid for it and he says he doesn't have any money so we insist it ISN'T his, but whatever!) It's an enclosed porch and has become his toy room. Some days it tends to be more like a mine field when people try and walk into the house and I occasionally have to clear a path just to get to the door, but we generally use the back door so "live it up, Sammy. We'll clean up after your (our) nap!"]

In the car today Sammy said to me, "Mommy, I don't have a kitchen. I just have a porch. Maybe another day I can have a brand new kitchen so I can make eggs for Daddy...and you...and Caleb...and me...and ALL the people and kids. I make eggs for EVERYONE!"

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