Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

I must admit. I've never been a huge Valentine's Day person. Of course I love getting flowers or just a sweet card from my husband just like the next girl, but we just don't go crazy. I do put up decorations and get something for my husband, but don't like the idea that everything is twice as expensive for this one day and everyone feels like they have to buy something. I guess I just wish it were more of a "show your love" day and not a "spend all your had earned money" day. All I'm saying is I'd rather a nice card and a load of laundary done for me than $40 roses! ;)

I'm a lonely valentine this year. My valentine is in Chile for the whole week. He comes home on Sunday. We're doing well, but we miss him terribly!

Anyway, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Now go do something nice for your valentine!!!

This is a picture of Sammy when he was 4 months old and Daddy was away in Peru...


Janet said...

Aw so sweet. That picture is too cute. Sorry you are alone...hope you can get together with some family to make the time go faster.

Janet said...

I hope you don't mind...I put your blog in my sidebar :)