Wednesday, February 06, 2008

My son the responsible citizen

Ok....if you hear something about them having to do a recount in can blame me!! I just want to put that out there now! Actually I think the sweet volunteer Senior Citizens had something to do with it. God bless them, but they didn't know what they were doing! After I registered the lady told me to go over and vote so being the rule follower that I am (not really!) I walked over to the booth, went in and voted (or so I thought!) Then they told me that the lady hadn't turned that one on so my vote wasn't actually recorded so I had to do it again. So the guy that I voted for (yes, now you know if was a man!!) may have an extra vote! Not that it matters anyway because you KNOW I didn't vote for the person that won in Jersey anyway! Now I have to add here that I realize that just because I vote for someone doesn't mean that they'll win, but seriously, what is wrong with the voters in this state?! I'm conviced that they're either all a little screwy or the intelligent ones are too lazy to go vote!

**Where's my tea? I need to settle down!" ** =)

The only thing that was good about the whole experience was that I took Sammy with me. Being the good mother and citizen that I am, I want him to learn that we vote and take part in our country and it's decisions. Sounds really great right? Not really because it was completely lost on my almost 3 year old! In the car he said to me "Where are we going, Mommy?" to which I replied with much pride "We're going for Mommy to vote". and my son said "I want to ride in the boat too!" Trying not to giggle I said "Not a boat, honey. Vote" Then I had to think how to explain this one! "umm, it's to tell them who I want to be President" to which Sammy replied "I want to open a present too!"

Never mind! Just take a ride with me and we'll go to Wawa (one of his favorite places) when we're done!

My Pop-pop used to always say "old people are funny!" I completely agree, Pops, but I think toddlers are pretty funny too!

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Heather said...

My sister always reminds me that my kids are still 'little.' I still think it is great to include them in things and stretch them...but I agree that most of it goes over their heads!